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Robust and versatile

(Published on iVT International – September 2016, page 114)

EC-MMS-1521 is a new electronic controller from Tecnord’s successful MMS series for driving hydraulic manifolds and performing complex machine management logic. Together with its fully potted electronics and automotive connectors, its robust aluminum housing offers an advanced hardware design suitable for harsh environments and heavy machines. EC-MMS-1521 is often used as the main control unit of machine in a variety of applications such as AWPs, cranes, forklifts and earthmoving equipment. The electronic circuits are designed to cover demands for implementation of security features up to Performace Level d, in mobile sector applications. They feature a dual microprocessor, a dual CANbus interface, as well as redundancy and diagnostics capability for the outputs. Use of state-of-the-art technologies – such as a CANbus interface for data communication and solid state switches for the power outputs – allows effective cost reduction on the entire system, along with increased reliability and reduced wiring complexity.
EC-MMS-1521 features various types of inputs to interface with different devinces: 10-bits standard and hight-resolution 16-bits analog inpunt, digital inpunts and frequency inpunts for the measurement of speed. Furthermore, up to 12 PWM outpunts with indipendent current feedback are available, together with two low-side output and separate power pins for safety.
As options, the EC-MMS-1521 may include an inclinometer, mainly used in automatic leveling applications, and can provide datalogger functions, thanks to a real-time clock. The software is developed on the basis of customer applications and can be easily updated in the field.

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