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Split systems for forklifts

(Published on Lift-Truck Technology International - 2017, page 66-67) ADVANCED HYDRAULIC SOLUTIONS OFFER NUMEROUS BENEFITS FOR MANUFACTURERS OF LIFT TRUCKS In the lift-truck industry, split systems are known and respected. For those working in this area, the system represents the perfect blend of different models of proportional valves designed to meet the most testing of performance requirements placed [...]

Robust and easily fitted inclinometer

(Published on iVT International - June 2017, page 70) Tecnord has expanded its range of single- and dual-axis inclinometers with the introduction of the CANbus interface for J1939 networks. The EC-SNR series of inclinometers uses up-to-date 3D-MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) technology to measure the sensor’s inclination relative to Earth’s gravity (tilt angle), providing a linear variable output [...]

Control Valve

(Published on iVT International - February 2017, page 131) Technord’s VOM 43/PPC-HDL is a new electrohydraulic proportional/directional control valve that is ideal for use in medium-duty applications requiring lightweight hydraulic integrated control (HIC) aluminum bodies, but is equipped with robust conventional levers for full manual control in an emergency or electrical power loss. Such applications include aerial platforms, service cranes, stabilizers [...]

Heavy-duty Hall effect joysticks

(Published on iVT International - November 2016, page 70) Heavy-duty Hall effect joysticks Tecnord's range of JHM joystick controllers has been designed for use in mobile and industrial field applications. The use of Hall effect sensors, which eliminates any contact between moving electrical parts, improves the overall resolution, precision and service life. The use of a supervised microcontroller implements a Hardware Category 2 according to EN [...]

Multidrom MLT FD-5

(Published on iVT International - March 2016, page 84) Principle of operation Tecnord's MLT-FD5/D electrohydraulic proportional actuator has been designed to shift a directional control valve spool either directly (FL version) or by means of a servo piston that is mechanically connected to it (SP version). The internal closed-loop position control of the MLT-FD5/D makes [...]

Divide and conquer

(Published on iVT International - Off-Highway Edition 2016, page 75) Advanced Electrohydraulic cartridge valve technology can bring lower-cost flow sharing/anti-saturation control to standard lift-trucks Flow-sharing and anti-saturation circuits have long been successfully used on rough-terrain lift-trucks as part of a large stackable directional/proportional valve bank. Now the same type of control can be used on [...]

Robust and versatile

(Published on iVT International - September 2016, page 114) EC-MMS-1521 is a new electronic controller from Tecnord’s successful MMS series for driving hydraulic manifolds and performing complex machine management logic. Together with its fully potted electronics and automotive connectors, its robust aluminum housing offers an advanced hardware design suitable for harsh environments and heavy machines. [...]

Level best

(Published on iVT International - June 2016, page 84) Preserving fast and precise movements while ensuring high standards of safety has always been crucial for front loaders. Tecnord has therefore developed the Omni-Level electrohydraulic system for bidirectional control of the brucket and loader equipment. Self-leveling control refers to a mechanism whereby the bucket maintains its [...]