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Control Valve

(Published on iVT International – February 2017, page 131)

Technord’s VOM 43/PPC-HDL is a new electrohydraulic proportional/directional control valve that is ideal for use in medium-duty applications requiring lightweight hydraulic integrated control (HIC) aluminum bodies, but is equipped with robust conventional levers for full manual control in an emergency or electrical power loss. Such applications include aerial platforms, service cranes, stabilizers and outrigger controls, and hydraulically powered utility vehicles. Depending on the configuration of the inlet section, the VOM 43/PPC-HDL can be used with fixed displacement pumps or with pressure/flow-compensated variable displacement pumps. When multiple functions are selected, the valve system will automatically resolve the highest function load pressure, which is then transmitted to the inlet unloader/bypass pressure compensator or to the pressure/flow compensator element of an automatic variable displacement pump. The VOM 43/PPC-HDL valve bank comes with a system relief valve. Work port pressure limiting is accomplished by using auxiliary anti-shock/anticavitation valves at each port. For systems where dual remote and manual control is requested, or in the event of electrical power loss, regular size manual levers are provided to maintain the full load-sense functionality of the system.

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