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Robust and easily fitted inclinometer

(Published on iVT International – June 2017, page 70)

Tecnord has expanded its range of single- and dual-axis inclinometers with the introduction of the CANbus interface for J1939 networks. The EC-SNR series of inclinometers uses up-to-date 3D-MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) technology to measure the sensor’s inclination relative to Earth’s gravity (tilt angle), providing a linear variable output that is sent on the CANbus network.  The use of this technology provides distinct advantages in reliability, stability and compactness, and since there is no use of moving parts, these sensors have a virtually infinite life.  Applications include road construction equipment, cranes and booms, scissor lifts, agricultural vehicles, container handling and hydraulic lift systems.  The dual-axis sensor is mostly indicated for the planarity control of a chassis or any mechanical structure with respect to the Earth’s gravitational pull.

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