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Heavy-duty Hall effect joysticks

(Published on iVT International – November 2016, page 70)

Heavy-duty Hall effect joysticks

Tecnord’s range of JHM joystick controllers has been designed for use in mobile and industrial field applications. The use of Hall effect sensors, which eliminates any contact between moving electrical parts, improves the overall resolution, precision and service life. The use of a supervised microcontroller implements a Hardware Category 2 according to EN 13849 safety standard. A complete line of built-in electronic drivers, generating on-off, proportional and CANbus control signals, guarantees the highest controllability of any type of electrohydraulic system. When coupled with an ergonomic multifunction handle of the ‘M’ range, up to five proportional axes and nine on-off push buttons can be integrated in the same joystick. Tecnord’s comprehensive portfolio of standard push-button switches, thumbwheels and switches, enables a quick and cost-effective customization to suit any individual applications or request. As optional features, the joystick can include:

• Integrated PWM driver with electronic directional switches on axes, fully programmable via PC by means of a user-friendly calibration software;

• CANbus interface (CANopen or SAE J1939 protocols available);

• Ratiometric voltage output;

• Capacitive dead man switch;

• Magnetic position detent on the y- or x-axis.

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