About Us


We offer our customers products and services with added value and trend-setting features, employing interrelated technologies sustained by a highly qualified Engineering Team, a Sales Team with extensive knowledge of applications and a commitment to Customer care, and by a dependable and expert Supply Chain tasked with managing production orders, minimizing costs, meeting delivery deadlines and providing after-sales service.


Electrohydraulic and electronic products are developed by a team of 29 Engineers (13% of total workforce) with expertise in mechanical and hydraulics engineering, electronics and mechatronics, whose skills are combined and maximized with the aid of the latest computer aids:
Design of integrated hydraulic assemblies and components: using CAD-3D Autodesk Inventor.
Virtual product development: the operation of components and sub-assemblies is simulation-tested before prototyping.
Virtual prototypes in 3D: dimensional and functional characteristics and operating conditions are correlated with the aid of integrated processing systems based on FEM (Finite Element Method), CFD (Computerized Fluid-Dynamics) and SIMULINK procedures, with graphic representation in 3D.
Dynamic testing and simulation: the prototypes of single components are tested individually before being integrated into the complete system, to verify their compatibility and durability in environments reproducing the effective conditions of the application for which they are intended.
System integration and final validation testing: the integrated functions of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components are managed and optimized by the continuous monitoring of operating parameters with data acquisition devices programmed to provide a simulation as close as possible to the operating conditions encountered in the real-world application.


Sourcing and selection of suppliers, along with purchasing and procurement operations, are coordinated and integrated within the scope of an efficient and tested Lean Supply Chain system which, applying just-in-time andkanban processes, governs all flows of added-value materials and services, from raw materials to inventory, from work-in-progress to stocks of finished products, with the end in view of matching provisions for supply to external demand and measuring their overall efficiency.


Dedicated lean cells for optimization of the processes by which electrohydraulic components and units are assembled, with robotized areas and data acquisition systems used to calibrate the following types of proportional components:
Valves and solenoid valves: 1.450,000 items/year
Joysticks and electronic controllers: 240.000 items/year


•  5 horizontal multi-pallet CNC machining centres (made by MCM-Italia)
•  3 vertical CNC machining centres (made by Mori-Seiki and Haas)
•  SUNNEN progressive multi spindle lapping machine, suitable for radial coupling tolerances within 6/1000 mm
•  3 ultrasonic cleaners
•  Output capacity: 160.000 aluminium and steel manifolds per year